ANIMA Holding is the result of many years of experience in the world of M&A, production and corporate restructuring. We aim at relaunching and supporting companies in their life cycle and at participating in the entrepreneurial risk by sharing the results obtained.
Our promoters have built a team of partners who have been successful managers and have gained extensive executive management experience in the most diverse markets.
Being used to operating in contexts of major changes, as well as in the planning and implementation of the corporate turnaround, ANIMA Holding's partners can help your company to grow both nationally and internationally, as well as to diversify its business into new geographical and business areas.

The only thing that frightens us most about change is non-change.


Michele Biza

Chief executive

He is a senior manager with international experience, who has focused his career on restructuring companies and renewing the approach to the market of struggling companies. Through a strategic and analytical approach, he was able to identify new sales and product opportunities and unify cultures to achieve business goals. With his strong empathy, he has helped many activities to be more efficient and effective also by renewing organizational attitudes in which lack of action is predominant.


  • Motivational leadership
  • Change Management
  • Merger & Acquisition & Corporate Restructuring
  • Digital Transformation Strategies
  • Global strategic partnerships
  • Sales and marketing strategic planning
  • Level C trading
  • Active management of the income statement
  • Stakeholder management and media relations
  • Leader of multicultural teams
  • Planning and implementation of debt restructuring plans
  • Search for identification and optimization of credit lines to support working capital and investments
  • Research and identification of targets for business growth through acquisitions
  • Contribution and training of professional skills in the company
  • Product positioning on the market
  • Positioning of the company on the capital market
  • Search for participatory financial instruments
Michele has been admitted as Chartered Director at the Institute of Directors in London and has been awarded the rank of Fellow.
Anna Boccoli

Senior Manager

She is an expert in communication and product positioning in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury segments on the international scene. Over the years, she has developed very specific expertise in the clothing, accessories and jewelry sectors.
Her activities range from strategic relationships to media plans, to web content, image creation and positioning.
As an art critic, she now works as an agent for contemporary artists and as a strategic consultant for fashion and accessories companies.

  • International communication strategies
  • Creation of positioning and brand awareness
  • National and international ADV media planning
  • Strategic partnerships and co-marketing
  • Co-branding
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • New media


We offer assistance and management support services to companies that are in a state of stalling, or that wish to undertake a development, change or restructuring process.
The ANIMA Holding team is able to assist you either throughout the entire process or simply during one of the phases listed below:

Assessment of company positioning
Our team is here to evaluate your company's competitive positioning, determine and assess its strengths and weaknesses and identify the best drivers for future growth. This assessment phase will also enable us to analyze the professional skill gaps of your organization, of your staff structure and duties, and of your corporate organization chart.
Business and Marketing Plan strategic assessment
Once we identify the drivers for your business growth, our team will provide you with the expertise they gained from solving other issues and share with your company's structure the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve them. By training your existing sales force and supporting their efforts with tools, strategies and analysis data, we will make sure that you achieve your goal as quickly and effectively as possible.
We also manage and train staff to develop and achieve the objectives set by management.
Our managers and partners can take part in the definition and preparation of a commercial, operational and industrial business plan and, if necessary, carry out its subsequent implementation.
Restructuring and turnaround
We help you manage your restructuring and turnaround projects by supporting your internal teams and/or implementing teams with very different skills.
Our managers and partners can engage in the management of exceptional situations resulting from a particularly delicate and complex business situation, taking on top roles in the corporate governance structure and taking on social or managerial positions to handle the problems that emerged when assessing the company's positioning.
Our managers can look for credit lines to support working capital and credit lines for investments.
M&A’s and Private Equity services
If you want to grow your business through mergers and acquisitions or if you decide to sell your company, Anima Holding can help you throughout the process, thanks to our partnerships with leading players and experts in European Private Equity.
Temporary Management
Should we identify gaps in the organization, ANIMA Holding can help you by providing or supporting the search for senior executives, operational managers and independent members of the board of directors.
Our consultants can be directly involved in restructuring projects and carry out turnkey management of individual projects supervised by the owner.
Our managers can engage in a mentoring process for generational change and management training through the enhancement of the company's staff and internal structure.